World Bank blacklists Kenyan company for embezzlement and fraud in its multimillion Somalia Project


The World Bank on Wednesday said in a press statement that it has blacklisted the Kenya based Africa Development Professional Group Ltd. (ADP), after the Bank found fraudelent practices as part of the Somalia Capacity Injection Project.

The World Bank said an investigation conducted by its corruption-fighting unit had established Africa Development Professional Group (ADP), which says it provides “consultancy and advisory services on management, investments, business solutions, corporate finance and business development” had engaged in fraudulent practices during a bank-funded project in Somalia.

According to the World Bank, The project was designed to strengthen the staffing and institutional capacity of selected line ministries and central agencies to perform core government functions.

According to the facts of the case, ADP recklessly omitted the disclosure of a conflict-of-interest relationship when submitting a proposal for a contract under the project, which is a fraudulent practice.

Somalia government did not comment on the matter, despite the fact the highest offices in Somalia were responsible for the implementation of the project whose aim was to build the foundation for long-term civil service reform & institutional development

Wararka La Xiriira