U.S, UK and Norway set new conditions for funding Somalia electoral process


Mogadishu (Radio Maanta) Responding to a new request by Somali Prime Minister’s office for additional funding to the Horn of Africa’s electoral process, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States set two conditions to release any new funding.

The three donors expressed concern about the affordability, credibility, and the timeliness of the significantly delayed electoral process.

“To ensure that our funding helps to maintain the integrity of the overall process, it will be made available in two tranches, once the following milestones have been met. The first allocation of funding will be paid once:

a. Elections have moved forward in a meaningful and credible way in at least three states; and

b. In compliance with state and federal Public Financial Management (PFM) Acts, all HoP candidate fees are banked into the Treasury Single Account (TSA), with expenditure tracked on the Financial Management Information System (FMIS).”

Wararka La Xiriira