Somalia: Newly formed Barawe district council elects new leadership


The newly formed Barawe district Council has on Wednesday elected district commissioner, two deputies and other district officials, a move that allows the district to a more democratic system.

The Council Members elected a new Mayor Liban Osman, whereas Ismail Abdullahi & Sahra Abukar were elected as deputies. Four  Administrators, a Finance officer and politics, security officials were also among the elected.

”The political will of H.E @Laftagareen with continuous commitment & hardworking paid off by  @moi_swss,  Barawe City Council Members finally  elected a new Mayor & his deputies. #Liban Osman was elected as the new Mayor.Thanks 2  @FCASomalia @EU_in_Somalia for their generous help.” Southwest Interior minister said on twitter.

This tis he first time the Barawe district forms its own council since the collapse of the former military government in 1991.


Wararka La Xiriira