Major General Samuel

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Maj. Gen. Samuel Omar Williams has told the spouses of the six soldiers who died in action in Somalia that they were heroes. He made this statement last Friday at the Defence Head Quarters.

The CDS said Sierra Leone government sent 850 soldiers to help bring peace in Somalia and six of them perished there in different times. “These soldiers went to help Somalians enjoy peace as it was what other nations did for us in Sierra Leone when we had our own civil war.
Unfortunately these six soldiers died in the process, but we will never forget them and that is why we have called you all to show our respect to them.”He encouraged them to take heart and always remember that their husbands, father, son, brother served Sierra Leone diligently until their death.

“They were brave and even in death they fulfilled their dreams of making Sierra Leone Army respected and proud.”CDS S.O. Williams presented to the six spouses the Medals of Bravery and certificates to them and told them that the soldiers that were with their husbands in Somalia have contributed from their allowances to give them the sum of $1,554 each as their own way of showing gratitude to the wives.

The wives received the packages and in tears said they are happy that the military is still thinking of them and the way they have treated them with respect. Sobbing somewhat uncontrollably, one of the widows said her husband loved the Army so much and he was happy to go and serve in Somalia.

Source: Sierra Leone Times