32 Women football instructors benefit from CAF level course

Women football instructors from the Franco African nations affiliated to the confederation of African Football (CAF) have ended a three-day training course in Cameroon on Thursday.

The course which ran from 22 to 24 April 2014 gathered 32 women instructors from 22 countries and was held at the CAF centre in Mbokomo village outside the Cameroonian capital Yaounde, according to Fatouma Moussa Dirieh who along with Fatouma Djama Toukaleh represented their country ‘Djibouti’ in the course.

“It is the second time that I am taking part in such course—in July last year I benefitted from such high profile course and I really practiced what I learned from there in my country where women’s football was revived under the leadership of my president Souleiuman Hassan Waberi who is fully committed to women’s football promotion in the country” Fatouma Moussa Dirieh told CECAFA Media.

She said that the course was more beneficial to her country whose women’s football activities were revived after years of absence with the dedication of president Souleiman and his committee.

“I am really very hopeful that our women’s national team will appear in the near future international competitions and we are sure that will happen, as our federation is weighting on the rebuilding of women’s football power in the country” Fatouma Moussa Dirieh told CECAFA media over night on Friday.

The female instructor became the first in the East and Central Africa region to lead a top level club to the 2012 CECAFA Kagame club cup held in Tanzanian capital Dar Es Salaam.

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By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
CECAFA Media Committee

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