Somalia’s Said Arab: commissioner at FIFA beach soccer world cup Final

3rd from right and in the black shirt FIFA beach soccer committee member Abdi Qani Said Arab at the prematch meeting
Somali Football federation Secretary General and Member of FIFA beach soccer committee Abdi Qani Said Arab has been appointed by the global football body as the commissioner of the FIFA beach soccer world cup final match: Spain VS Russia.

Somali Football Federation press statement here in Mogadishu said that Somalia was wholeheartedly thanking FIFA president Joseph. S. Blatter and the FIFA beach soccer committee for the encouraging step.

This is the first time in history that a Somali Football federation delegate is appointed commissioner at a FIFA beach soccer world cup final match.

So far Mr Abdi Qani has been a commissioner at three matches in the group stage. They were: Match N0 11 Ivory coast VS Russia, Match N0 18 Iran VS Ukraine and match No 21 UAE VS USA whilst the Spain VS Russia match will be his fourth match as a commissioner.

“Somali Football Federation is very grateful to FIFA for appointing Mr Abdi Qani Said Arab to be commissioner at the Final match of the global event, this is a great publicity for both Somali FA and its secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab—this is also a great encouragement for Somalia to appear in the FIFA beach soccer world cup in the near future” Somali Football Federation chief media officer & spokesman Shafi’i Mohyaddin (ISLOW) said in a press statement on Sunday morning.

This move has revived hopes of the county and cheered the people of the war-weary nation in particularly football fans.

According to the SFF press statement since its Secretary Genral Abdi Qani Said Arab has started his duty at the FIFA beach soccer world cup an uncountable number of congratulatory messages have been pouring
into the SFF headquarters here in Mogadishu whilst Somalis around the world sent such messages to the official email of our media department.

Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab is one of several hardworking individuals who devoted themselves to surviving the country’s football from collapsing for the past two decades. Those include current
president Ali Sadi Guled Roble and our former president Said Mahmoud Nor who was also known for his role in helping the needy people. He will always be mentioned by the country’s history.

Somali Football Federation Media department

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